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Peace is present now and here, encounter.

Peace is present now
in this moment in everything, sense it.

Peace is present now
in this instant in this space
and simultaneously in all spaces, realize.

David Wared


Overall vision of world peace

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

Peace is your origin. Peace in communion with others is the naturalness at the basis of every encounter. Peace in the world is the responsibility of us all.

The Light Awareness Philosophy as a philosophy of unity believes that all humans, all animals and all plants on this Earth are connected with each other because their common, eternal origin lies in UNITY. If this unity is recognized in the mind and felt in the soul, we accept others as our brothers and sisters and feel the deep wish to live in peace and connection with this great world family. Our family also includes animals, plants and Mother Earth. They are valued and appreciated equally by us and supported and encouraged in the best way to express their life principle. We call this “extended humanity.” It describes the ethics of the Light Awareness Philosophy. This ethos provides for a social order that expresses the highest dignity, honor and appreciation of all. When we recognize that multiplicity, diversity and variety are possible in unity, i.e. that there can be differences and varied forms of expressions among humans, animals and plants but the unity of all in a common origin remains, this provides the foundational awareness on which such a society is based.

More about the vision of worldwide peace

In peaceful, connecextended humanityted communion with each other, we honor all humans and value different nationalities. We value different cultures. We value different religions. We value animals. We value plants. And we value Mother Earth. We are devoted to each other in respect, admiration, appreciation and homage. We find global solutions for problems to the benefit of all, and we strengthen peace – we find the joyous solution for problems. These solutions are not guided by economic interests, consumerism or other financial figures. Our orientation is toward the essence of human beings and all living things. 11 fundamental values

According to the Light Awareness Philosophy, the path to peaceful, vital, free and true connection in unity is the path of the development of awareness. It describes three levels of peace: individual peace, global peace and universal peace. On our path of development we attain knowledge of individual and global peace in order to be able to receive the universal peace through mature awareness.

The development of awareness on the part of human beings is a bottom-up path. Each person is concerned first with their individual, internal peace. And as soon as we have recognized and realized this peace as individuals, global peace becomes possible. Our task is then to interact peacefully in our thoughts, feelings and actions with other humans, animals, plants and Mother Earth and to no longer disturb peace. Finding joyous solutions, living as vegetarians or even vegans, and meditating and witnessing for peace also grow from this development.

Absolute and universal peace is an eternal presence, no matter whether we feel it or not, whether we realize it or not. This peace is never dependent on anything else. The Light Awareness Philosophy refers to this as top-down, as the descent of eternal peace. With mature awareness gained through the bottom-up path, the universal level of the ONE peace with its inexhaustible strength and stability is revealed to us. We recognize that we are peace.

Life lived in extended humanity and attendance to the sustainability of actions grows from this development of awareness.

Our own development and the philosophical foundations just described allow us to express these words today:

  • World peace is possible.
  • We humans can create world peace.
  • We are all asked to contribute our share.

With WORLD TOUR for PEACE, we bring the most far-reaching and profound vision of peace to the world.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE exists NOW because the world needs change NOW.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE exists NOW, because people and all living beings long for a new quality of global togetherness.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE exists NOW, we have already started.

Peace in the world is the responsibility of all of us. Can you feel that YOUR unique expression of peace is essential too?

Peace with animals, now.
Peace with plants, now.
Peace with human beings, now.
Peace with the Earth, now.
Peace with life, now.

Benefits of Peace

What Peace gives to us

Peace information, peace consciousness and peace energy is eternally, infinitely and immortally available in the cosmos and an unconditional gift to all existence. Every human being can connect to this source and will be energized and supported from it for their own peace journey.

Trust, confidence, and certitude that every living being is protected, safe and supported in peace becomes tangible. We humans have forgotten that peace is our origin. Let us remember this and look together at the countless Benefits of Peace as we bring peace alive within us and out of us:

Trust that people appreciate each other.

Confidence in spiritual, mental, and physical integrity.

Certainty that there is enough for everyone.

Protection for all who need protection.

Comfort to live free of fear and lighthearted.

To be supported by stable communities.

Sustainably protecting all living beings and preparing a peaceful future for all those who come after us.

Extended Humanity of humans, animals and nature.

Remembrance that we are all ONE world family.

Connection - peaceful love connects all hearts.

Peace communication with all beings.

Fairness: every being is of equal value and equal worth.

Appreciation of the diversity and multiplicity of all living beings.

A safe and pacified home for everyone.

Homeland - peace to all hosts and preserves creation.

From the origin, all are equally gifted.


Joy and gratitude for the gift of life.

Abundance for spirit, soul and body.

Being free and thus living the highest, deepest and broadest meaning in one's life.

Healing through reconciliation, forgiveness, integration and blessing.

Living happiness and joy in every instant, in every moment and in every now.

To feel again the fundamental goodness within - energized and empowered.

All states acting on the same ONE precept from peace.

New technologies for the benefit of all.

Basic income for all.


for the world

All people and living creatures on this Earth are longing for peace from the bottom of their heart because peace is the original natural state of everything and everyone. We wish to stir the desire for peace, love, freedom, truth and unity in people throughout the world, strengthen their awareness of peace, bring people together in encounters, and encourage and support them on their personal path to peace.


  • Peace in the world
  • Unconditional basic income for everyone
  • Living a world family
  • Living up to the highest ethics - Enabling extended humanity to come alive


Wishes of human beings

  • Liberation from blockades
  • Healing the body, the soul and the mind
  • Knowledge of who we really are
  • Development by encounter, experience, knowledge


Wishes of children

  • To be able to live without fear
  • To grow up without war
  • To experience support
  • To be able to develop their potential


Wishes of women

  • Sharing wisdom
  • Living femininity
  • Permitting softness
  • Unity of the male-female principle


Wishes of men

  • Developing clarity
  • Coming into strength
  • Living creativity encouraging all
  • Uniting thinking and feeling


Wishes of animals

  • Shelter of the animals
  • Conservation of their natural habitat
  • For animals to be creatures with equal rights
  • Vegetarian or vegan diet due to respect and appreciation


Wishes of plants

  • Protect plants
  • Preservation of their environment
  • Careful handling
  • Appreciation of diversity


Wishes of Mother Earth

  • Honoring Mother Earth
  • Developing awareness of her
  • Healing the Earth
  • Giving something back to the Earth


Extended humanity

and sustainability

The concern of all ethics should be to educate people and help them to achieve their highest possible development. Recognition of free choice, accountability and sustainability is an essential criterion. This goes beyond the previous understanding of ethics, which summarizes desirable, appropriate or instrumental rules for human behavior. In light awareness, expanded humanity means the extension of ethics beyond the focus on good behavior.

Ethics in the Light Awareness Philosophy is eternal and independent of all human epochs and life forms - which makes it a universal ethics. Fundamental goodness and justice becomes real when it is an expression of the 5 eternal values. It is based on the following pillars:

  1. Five eternal values of the Light Awareness Philosophy
  2. Light, Love, Life
  3. Order, Harmony and Rhythm
  4. Honor all life, human beings, animals and plants
  5. The principle of the equality of male and female
  6. Staying healed in life
  7. Freedom of choice
  8. Responsibility for your own thinking, feeling and actions
  9. Human enlightenment
  10. Education
  11. Empathy
  12. Gratidute

The ethics of extended humanity contains the unity and connection of all that exists. It is the complete acceptance of the whole of creation, that is, living and the inanimate nature. It is realized when the equality of humans, animals, plants and nature is recognized and lived. The free and humble attitude of all to all expresses itself in this.

Sustainability means that human beings feel responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions, especially for securing the livelihood of future generations. The sustainability of all actions is an essential principle of decision making and contributes to a social order of mutual respect and benevolence. A social order founded on light awareness serves all and supports humans in their development.

The expansion of individual awareness into global awareness is a very important step. This allows these ethics to serve the common good and not to be restricted to people and social communities but to extend to all creatures and all corners of the Earth. It is about much more than utility. It is about true communion, protection and appreciation.