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Wishes of human beings

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Liberation from blockades
  • Healing of the body, the soul and the mind
  • Knowledge of who we really are
  • Development by encounter, experience, knowledge

"What is truly magnificent,
what is really and truly magnificent
cannot be acquired.
It is a secret that only can be uncovered
by the inner journey.“

David Wared

Human beings wish:

  • To live in peace
  • To be able to stay in their home country
  • To have food and shelter for themselves and their family
  • A fulfilling work
  • Health
  • A life without pain and suffering
  • To be able to effect changes in the world, with more appreciation and protection for humans, animals, plants, nature, and the Earth

Human life on Earth varies greatly and is shaped by many factors. The Light Awareness Philosophy describes how all humans, regardless of the course of their life, are on a path of development. Every human being has 11 fundamental values: Peace, love, freedom, truth and unity, as well as order, harmony and rhythm, and light, love and life. These values are an essential core that is the same for all humans and living beings.  Our task as humans is to gradually understand our core. On the way to development, we meet with blockades and limitations we must overcome so healing can take place. Only liberation and healing enable humans to understand their nature and attain self-knowledge.

The “3E-principle” of the Light Awareness Philosophy describes the path of development for humans (“3E” in German means: “Erleben – Erfahren – Erkennen”). The “3E-principle” stands for:

Humans experience different situations, encounters and events that attract them because of unconscious and unresolved issues and that consequently mirror their inner state or inner constitution.

Humans enter these situations, encounters and events in their thoughts, feelings and actions and perceive them in a unique way that depends on their consciousness. When exercising free choice, humans decide to think, act and feel in the light or in shadows.

Humans achieve knowledge through life and experiences because thinking and feeling are brought together; knowledge always means development and leads to expanded awareness.

The path of awareness leads from individual to universal awareness through global awareness. Global awareness is the prerequisite for humans to take responsibility for others as well and for sustainability to become important to orientate their actions.