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Wishes of Mother Earth

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Honoring Mother Earth
  • Developing awareness of her
  • Healing the Earth
  • Giving something back to the Earth

"Careful handling, sustainability, respect and appreciation
for Mother Earth and her resources
make human life possible,
where everyone can enjoy its life in dignity and fulness.“

David Wared


Mother Earth is a living being. Humans are intimately connected with her. She nourishes and sustains humans; humans use her as a source of material wealth according to their conscience. Mother Earth fulfills her mission to create an environment for all living beings and make life something that can be experienced in its fullness and joy. Immeasurable resources such as oil, metals and precious stones have been developed for millions of years for this purpose. They are available to humanity for its development. So far Mother Earth has primarily been exploited - humans have regarded her plants, her animals, and her internal treasures as resources for the satisfaction of their own needs and to accumulate material wealth. Today humanity is at a turning point, where it has to look for new ways of using Mother Earth so we do not endanger the life of the world even further.

Mother Earth wishes:

  • Humans to be the protectors and keepers of the Earth
  • Responsible and sustainable activity
  • Growing awareness and understanding for her
  • Recognition of the connection between her and humans
  • That natural cycles are made possible again
  • That in all interventions, attention is paid to the extensive protection of nature and immediate compensation is provided
  • Physical healing of the Earth at water reservoirs
  • Compensation for the effects of radio signals and radioactive substances
  • Solutions for space junk
  • The use of free energy, without burdening the environment and the further exploitation of resources
  • The fair distribution of all Earth’s resources worldwide
  • Animal protection, plant protection, species protection, nature protection
  • Appreciation and respect for the original, natural order and the sustaining of this order
  • Spiritual contact with places on the Earth that require special healing in particular and transmission of spiritual healing power to these places

The “3D-principle” of the Light Awareness Philosophy identifies important aspects of communication whether it is communication of humans with each other or humans with Mother Earth (“3D” in German means:„Demut – Dankbarkeit – Dienen“). The “3D-principle” means:

Humility is the absolute freedom and free will to follow a higher goal in gratitude and service.

Gratitude is the highest form of thinking. It is guided by love and makes humans happy. It promotes clarity of thought and purity of feeling and is an expression of humility.

Service is the expression of surrender in the actions of humans. It is directed to the general good and brings about the good. Serving consciously is the highest virtue.

Thinking in Light Awareness involves human thinking and feeling in love for the Earth and preservation of nature. This unity of thinking and feeling is beneficial to all, global and universal, promotes the light and goodness and makes us humble and grateful.