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Wishes of animals

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Shelter of the animals
  • Conservation of their natural habitat
  • Animals as creatures with equal rights
  • Vegetarian or vegan diet due to respect and appreciation

"The flying eagle asks: Where is the sky?
The earthworm asks: Where is the soil?
The small fish asks: Where is the ocean?
The lion asks: Where is the savanna?
The dragon asks: Where is the fire?
The Aaron asks: Where does God live?“

David Wared


Animals, like all living beings, are essential for ecological balance. They enrich our planet with their way of life and beauty. They live in unity and union with Mother Earth without destroying it in any way.

Animals wish:

  • The protection of plants that provide oxygen and food
  • The preservation of plant communities that constitute habitats for them
  • To remain in their natural habitat
  • Clean waters, rivers and sea
  • The protection of all animals, without distinction
  • Respect and appreciation of all species
  • To live in freedom
  • To be recognized as equal beings
  • To share with humans the joy of their existence
  • Not to serve humans as food

Animals have conceded all the space on this planet to humans. We must finally acknowledge the dignity of animals and respect them in our dealings with them. The animal and the human beings are creatures for whose development Mother Earth provides. The human being is not an animal, but it is not better than an animal.