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Wishes of children

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • To be able to live without fear
  • To grow up without war
  • To experience support
  • To be able to develop their potential

"Be so full of wonder that you support children, not shock them.
Be so full of strength that you strengthen children's souls, not frighten them.
Be so full of peace that wars do not reach your children.
Be so full of certainty that death does not mean the end of liveliness.
Be so full of respect that children can inhabit the realm of wisdom.
Be so full of love that children can bring the new light into the world.“

David Wared

Meeting the needs of children is an essential task of society. They need our special care for the development of their personalities in order to meet the challenges and changes of today.

Children wish:

  • To be able to grow up in their peaceful home country
  • To heal from trauma and anxiety
  • To be children, unburdened by the cares of parents
  • To be free from contributing to the sustenance of the family
  • To have enough to eat every day
  • To be able to play in safety
  • To be able to go to school
  • Not to be raised but to be accompanied and supported
  • To be supported according to their talents and potential

The “3F-principle” of the Light Awareness Philosophy identifies three core tasks for schools with regard to the development of children (“3F” in German means: “Fordern – Foerdern – Finden“). The “3F-principle” stands for:

This is about posing challenges and tasks, opening up possibilities and opportunities to live responsibly and sustainably and set common goals.

This is about skillfully assisting and supporting children in the expression of their creativity, knowledge, understanding, vision and inspiration.

This is about discovering the personal tendencies, strengths, talents, tasks and vocations of children and providing them with all the support necessary to explore these.

Liberated children grow into liberated and healed adults, who in turn can liberate others and shape the future for the benefit of all humans. Light Children, children who already carry this new awareness within themselves, need new forms of support.