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Wishes of plants

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Protect plants
  • Preservation of their environment
  • Careful handling
  • Appreciation of diversity

„ For a better harvest
the seed needs good soil, sun and water.
For a better earth
the seed needs humans, love and devotion.“

David Wared


Without Mother Earth and plant diversity, we cannot survive as humans. For thousands of years she has been protecting and sheltering us without expecting anything in return. She expresses herself in her most beautiful and lively ways, giving us peace. She perfectly orbits the sun, giving us stability. Through nature, she produces a great diversity and variety of plants that form the foundation for human life.

Plants wish:

  • Biological healing of the Earth, such as construction of biotopes, replanting of deforested areas, cleansing of soiled or even contaminated land and water regions
  • Protection of plants
  • Protection of animals as their fellow beings
  • Protection of water and air
  • Careful use of all land through organic farming
  • Conservation and promotion of biological diversity
  • Respect for the habitat of plants and animals
  • Compliance with environmental standards in production and trade
  • Respectful, loving and dignified treatment by humans
  • To be allowed to develop in their original genetic form

The attitude and behavior with which we encounter Mother Earth and her variety of plants is of great importance. This is the only way we can understand the deeper importance of the existence of plants: It consists in providing humans all the possibilities and affordances for their development.