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Wishes of men

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Developing clarity
  • Coming into strength
  • Living creativity encouraging all
  • Uniting thinking and feeling

 "Seeking power causes problems and confrontation.
Seeking strength brings visions and finds solutions.“

David Wared


The unification of thinking and feeling is something we as humans have not experienced as a whole. Focusing on rational thinking creates constructs and systems. And living these constructs is part of our economic system. Emotions and feelings are usually not allowed. This creates an internal separation from the essential core of humankind.

Men wish:

  • To be acknowledged and honored as men
  • To feel their own strength
  • To realize visions
  • To carry responsibility
  • To invent new things to support humankind and preserve the Earth

In our society, men often bear the responsibility in business and politics. They are responsible for the implementation of strategies to secure corporate objectives such as maximizing profits. The focus on the mind, on tactics and calculus is a masculine approach. Many women who are successful in working life also live this aspect of themselves, giving little or no space, like men, to their feelings and their intuitions. As long as we do not recognize we are more than thinking beings, and give little or no importance to feeling, this will result in the pursuit of power and the inclination to egoism.

The „3K-principle” of the Light Awareness Philosophy describes three essential attributes (“3K” in German means: “Klarheit – Kraft – Kreativitaet”). The „3K-principle“ stands for:

Clarity is a state of consciousness in which the purity of all existence can be expressed. It is the prerequisite for genuine perception: Humans perceive themselves and therefore also their connection to everything and thus understand the unity.

Strength is the transcendence of power. When power is transcended in strength, humans produce an energy that is on a higher plane. If humans stay with their inner strength, this develops the stability longed for in life. Stability itself represents concentrated strength.

Creativity is the result of the complete integration of thought and intuition into creative thinking and feeling. New, unusual ideas and solutions for the benefit of all can thus be implemented by those who follow their desires.

This principle of the Light Awareness Philosophy also applies to all humans because we all carry 50% male and 50% female within us. Only the application of the “3K-principle” of Light Awareness will help humans develop their male side with clarity, strength and creativity.