Earth healing according to Light Awareness with the guardians of the earth, the Kogi, in the City of Peace Colombia in Palomino, Colombia/ December 20th, 2019

The first house of the City of Peace Colombia is a Kogi-House. Mamo Manuel, spiritual leader of the Community of Wanamake, has decided to work together with the community of Light Awareness within the City of Peace. Together with his wife Luisa and some of their children they are building this first house according to the old Kogi tradition. Many trees have also been planted and for today's visit they are bringing small plants that, when fully grown, will produce the material for their special bags, the “mochilas”.

Today's visit serves to look at the current state of construction, to develop ideas for next steps, to plan the construction of further houses, and to meditate together. Incredible nature and the magnificent view of the sea only suggest that this area has also gone through other, warlike and dangerous times.

The Earth Tone touches in a particular way

In a joint meditation to honor and heal Mother Earth, deep connections beyond words are palpable. Through the connection with the Mother Earth Tone, an inner, deep encounter with the essence of the earth becomes palpable for all participants. This shows how healing happens for mankind and earth. The awareness of a grateful, loving and humble relationship with Mother Earth spreads. These are steps towards the pacification of an area that once had been a war zone.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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