Expand Peace via Energy Dancing and
remind all beings of their being at peace

Six steps of movement into the innermost of the hearts - Energy Dancing at the Aurovalley Ashram in Rishikesh/ India on November 4th, 2023

The dance 'Energy Dancing - 6 Phases', which is accessible to beginners, opens up an inviting space for those interested in spiritual dance. How wonderful that guests from the Aurovalley Ashram joined our meditative dance. We danced the six phases of Energy Dancing together around the "Serving Tree" and accompanied each other deeper and deeper into our innermost hearts.

In this healing dance, the focus lies on the expression of feelings and perceptions, which are embodied through movement without fixed steps or hand movements. In this way, the feminine within the dancer is consciously strengthened - the aspect that, after thousands of years, is once again allowed to be valued and appreciated. Through dance, we created a field of shared non-verbal communication of freedom, peace, truth, love and unity.

Mystical encounter in the Thar desert, Jaisalmer/ India on November 7th, 2023

In an intense encounter and connection with the Thar desert, we extend peace through a shared Mystic Dance.

We chose a unique place for this: The Thar desert at night - with flaming lights and bonfire. Under a glittering starry sky, we were able to open ourselves to cosmic consciousness, because through the mystical dance, the human being connects with higher spheres.
In three phases - standing expanding light, sitting expressing love and lying down accomplishing the essential life. The Mystic Dance embodies the creation principle of light, love and life according to Light Awareness Philosophy more clearly, purely and accomplished than any other dance in Energy Dancing. The energy dancers dance themselves towards their origin - united with Father Sky and Mother Earth and thus connect with their very own creative power.

Ceremony, celebration and festivity of life
via Color Dancing in Luni, Fort Chanwa/ India
on November 18th, 2023

Through color dancing, we both revived our very own vitality and joy within ourselves, as well as the feeling of the different effects of the colors that we sprayed onto our clothes and skin in powder form. Yellow color powder stimulated the exuberant, joyful dance of life. Bright red activated our life kundalini and strengthened our bodies. The pink made us feel flexible and humble. The green color powder made us feel secure and immersed us in peace and being at peace. Orange opened the connection to our originality and we danced even more into our unique self-expression.

Every dance is a vivid celebration of creation within us. We celebrate a color dance freely and exuberantly in appreciation of the Hindu Holi color festival. So free that we danced it independently of the actual season in which the annual Holi festival traditionally is held. By painting and throwing the color at each other, we radiated light, love and life and came into true connection with each other in the detached, playful encounters and oneness became more and more tangible.

Strengthening the elements via Energy Dancing at Marari Beach in Kerala/ India on November 27th, 2023

At Marari Beach in Kerala, the four elements of water, earth, fire and air are very tangible. On the beach at sunset with a bonfire, we dance together with our Indian family members - some of whom have traveled over 500 km to join us.

Each element has its own qualities that can be expressed in dancing. For example, the movements of a ‘Water’ element are rather gentle and smooth, while the dance expression of the ‘Fire’ element is rather passionate and rapid. The elemental dance ‘Air’ is expressed, among other things, through light upward movements directed towards the spiritual. The element dance ‘Earth’ allows the stabilizing, powerful quality of the element to be felt within the body. This energy dance also invites you to feel the supporting power of Mother Earth on the floor.

By engaging with the respective element, we can strengthen it within us and access it more consciously in everyday life in order to bring our visions to life in expansion, expression and vitality. If the elements are balanced within us, we live more peacefully with ourselves and the world around us.

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