Purification ceremony and water blessing at Athirapally Waterfall, Kerala/ India on November 23th, 2023

The Athirapally waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kerala. In monsoon season, it carries a large volume of water. With its immense flowing power, it serves to purify and energize every living being that connects with it and is open to the meeting of beings.

Waterfalls flush us and are able to support us in our cleansing. In our meditation together, we tune into the waterfall and its river and ask for their support in our cleansing. It is an unconditional and loving gift that we gratefully accept.

Then, from our purified state, we pour UR-information, UR-consciousness and UR-energy into the water and bless it in the name of light, love, life, salvation, power and blessing. We put blessed healing gemstones into it and linger in its water. We sense and feel. We are in joy and lightness and in connection from being to being. We are inspired and happy in this place.

On the plateau in front of the waterfall, we place a pillar of light, which we fill with the 11 basic values and which will be our main connection point in the future. Pillars of light raise the energy of the place and send impulses to raise consciousness.

A heartfelt thank you to Athirapally Waterfall and this wonderful place for our encounter. We carry it immortally in our hearts.

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