Our third visit to the Kogis including spending the night there leads us from April, 20th – 21st  2018 to the Kogi-community Seiviaka in Colombia

The Seiviaka-community lives in a village further above in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This village can only be reached via a two-hour march. Whereby it must be mentioned that a two-hour march in the mountains not really is long – some villages only are to be reached through three day’s marches and more.

However: The way steeply leads uphill and downhill and a many of us came up against limiting factors (or short of it). Beside the hut of Kogi-Mama Augustin there is our sleeping-place (you see the photo with the hammocks).

Again, a very nice place at the river awaits us. Here is time to make an intense meditation. We meditate for peace between the human beings and the Kogis who call themselves the big brother and speak about us as the little brothers. We meditate for the animals, the plants, water and Mother Earth.

During the meeting with the Kogis we at first experience some common rituals of cleaning. A mutual meditation for peace and earth healing which we initiate follows. David is given the honor of being present with the Kogi-Mama when consulting an oracle. Then signs of respect and honor towards Kogi-Mama Augustin, his wife and his daughters are proceeded. We hand over blessed necklaces and our benediction scarf on which our benediction „light, love, life, healing, strength and blessing“ is embroidered in Spanish.

After a calm-relaxing night, a tasty breakfast which we again shared with many children and a very particularly intense, heartfelt encounter with a Kogi-boy called Daniel we set out for home. Hereby we know that this way back will present a FULLNESS of nature experience.

Beate Knopp

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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