Intensive peace efforts honored by German Peace Movement during visit to Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar/ 4th March 2020

After many years under military dictatorship, the little known Southeast Asian state of Myanmar is working on achieving internal peace. In 2015 the NRPC - National Reconciliation and Peace Centre - was established in Rangoon, Myanmar's largest city. It deals with peacebuilding in the political, economic, social, security, land and natural environment sectors. During the World Peace Journey 2019, the German Peace Movement made its first contact with the government in Myanmar. On the return journey of the follow-up trip in 2020, an invitation to Yangon was issued at short notice. Three delegates travelled to the former capital of the country, also known as Burma.

The director of the NRPC and spokesman of Myanmar, Mr. Zaw Htay, gave a detailed presentation of the work of his organization. The chairperson of Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V., Susanne Knopp, and the delegates acknowledged the important work of the peace office. Afterwards they highlighted 9 aspects of their own worldwide peace activities, with concrete reference to the situation in Myanmar. Mr. Zaw Htay and his colleagues were impressed by the experiences of the free German peace movement and described fields of work in which further talks are to be held on possible German support.

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