Healing trips in nature and planting trees with the stuff of the Asnil Aruba Lodge in National Park Tsavo East , Kenya/ June25th, 2018

We are the second day at Asnil Aruba Lodge in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.In the morning at 6 o'clock we start into the indescribable nature. The sky is a bit overcast and when the sun rises at 6.45 a.m. the clouds open and we can see a wonderful sunrise. Our driver takes a route into an area with trees and then we actually see Massai giraffes, huge and beautiful.

After lunch at the lodge we meet for tree planting, a traditional activity of our community. We bless Mother Earth and the trees and meditate with the hotel staff. The meditation is translated directly by Marcus, so that all can participate in connectedness. We plant two trees. First a Melia Forest Tree. This is a fast growing, drought resistant tree native to the dry areas of East Africa. We also plant a Flame Tree. This tree, also known as the Royal Poinciana or Extravagant Tree, is one of the most colorful trees in the world. Each spring, the tree bears grapes of long-lasting, orange-red flowers with yellow, burgundy or white spots.

Before dinner we go into the national park again and we are allowed to experience a wonderful sunset in the evening. A blessed and fulfilled day!

Christiane Brüggemeier

(This journey has been privately financed)

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