Fourth Kogis meeting: Kogis from Kuinyimake and San Antonio in Colombia/ April 27th, 2018

It took several days of preparation and a meeting in advance with one of the three Kogi-Mamas so that this encounter could take place. We invited them all to come to our finca. They came with nine persons to a mutual lunch.

After mutually walking over the terrain – on the mountain and to the beach – we met up with them in our meditation room.

With the assistance of our translator Manuela who translated from German to Spanish and a Kogi-son who translated from Spanish to Kogi we began a conversation. Questions concerning our manner of utilizing medicinal plants and our proceeding on both sides for the healing of Mother Earth were amongst other things topic of the conversation. We had to learn an important thing: We were much toooooo quickly with everything. The Kogis have a quite different speed and it was our task to adapt ourselves to them.

During this conversation we all laughed much – it became clear that communication also differently is possible than through spoken words. For instance the Kogi-Mama laughed about the fact that we close our eyes when we meditate. He implied to us that he then would fall asleep. In addition, they found our pronunciation of individual Kogi words that we had learned very amusing.

We laughed together and mutually had pleasure. Thank you!. Our blessed necklaces were joyfully received and one of the Kogi-Mamas clearly pointed out that he could perceive the energy of the lapis lazuli stone.

Beate Knopp

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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