Encounter between humans and animals in Bali, Indonesia / 04 April 2017

We had a very deep encounter with elephants during the 2nd part of our Bali tour with David Wared. We went to the elephant park in the Bali jungle with 20 adepts. Our goal of seeing the animals as coming from the same origin in this encounter between humans and animals was something we experienced early as we came into contact with some monkeys on the roadside. They are regularly fed by the people there. The look in the eyes of these animals and their gestures and behavior touched us very much.

In the elephant park we felt our longing to appreciate these beautiful, venerable animals. The elephant has mostly been seen as livestock for humans due to its strength and maneuverability. Our avatar David met them, together with our community, very gently, with healing looks as equals and with loving care, and we asked the elephants for forgiveness.


The animals obviously enjoyed our touches, our blessings and our existence. It was an exhilarating feeling to be able to resonate directly with these wonderful animals. The animal keepers also realized that something special was taking place between the elephants, them and our community. It felt like a fusion between humans and animals. This experience affected us deeply and continues to affect us.

Sigard Rude

(This journey has been privately financed by the participants.)

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