Young Generation for Peace – our contribution to worldwide peace

When we travel, we go in peace encounters with ourselves, with other people, animals, plants and Mother Earth and we expand this peace together.
Since our childhood we all have had the longing for worldwide peace within us and feel that it is possible.
That's why we're on our way to share the peace we feel in ourselves with others.
We would like to share with you some of the most touching encounters we’ve had during the last 2 years on our pre-journeys for our WORLD TOUR for PEACE.

In Kenya we’ve had such wonderful encounters with people where I could feel that we are all connected. Our encounters were from heart to heart, we didn't need words.

Peace starts in me - when I am in my peace, I also meet all other people in peace.

Leonie, 19 years, Kenya

A very touching moment which I was allowed to experience, was in Brazil in a school. Together with the children we played, painted and danced. A child came to me and gave me a note saying: "I love you and I will never forget you".

I knew then that these connections were so real, it goes very deep. The children have given so much and at the same time taken in so much, that can hardly be described. Pure devotion and love.

Lynn, 21 years, Brazil

In the children's home on Bali, I became aware that when you meet in peace, you can feel that we are all one and belong to each other. It was a very special day for me, because I was able to get to know a new part of my big world family.

Tara, 15 years old, Bali

Whenever I connect with Mother Earth and the elements earth, water, fire and air, I feel safe, protected and connected to the origin.
I feel my gratitude, deep touch and heartfelt connection to Mother Earth.
It is my longing that all people worldwide can also establish a deep connection to Mother Earth and thus find their inner peace.

Juliane, 15 years, Germany

The look into the children’s eyes is always deeply touching, widening & heart opening, as the children’s hearts are open to all living beings, no matter what religion, skin color or nationality you have. They let us feel the unity of and with everything.
They remind us of our inner peace and our inner love.

We are all ONE.

Annika, 20 years, Namibia

On our trip to Cyprus I became more and more aware of how important it is to perceive the beauty in the plants and animals. On our earth we are surrounded by so many beings in different forms. If I am connected with all my fellow human beings and all other beings in this world, I can make a peaceful connection with them in mutual esteem and respect.

Marie-Sophie, 20 years, Cyprus

It touched me so deeply when I felt myself that you don't have to speak the same language to be touched in your heart. Age doesn't matter and it doesn't matter in which culture you grew up or where you live.
What unites us is beyond culture, age and language.
Peace encounter from heart to heart.

Felina, 18 years old, Kenya


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