Peace talks with the President of Parliament in Nikosia, Cyprus/ January 30rd, 2019

We talk about our vision of the world's first peace island with the President of Parliament Mr. Demetris Syllouris, representatives of Parliament and the Head of International Affairs.  We enter into a deep conversation about peace within us, peace in Cyprus and peace in the world. With the vision of reunification and the establishing of the world's first peace island, we are able to touch him and all those present. We remain in peace exchange with them during our further journeys to Cyprus.

In honor and appreciation to the President of Parliament we hand over our blessing scarf and a blessed healing stone.

A few days later, at his invitation, we again meet the Mayor of Polis Mr. Yiotis Papachristofe and deepen our discussions on the further development of the region to expand peace building, promote and cooperate the City of Peace and sustainable tourism. Here, too, we can touch and meet open hearts. Cyprus will become a pioneer for peace worldwide.

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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