Tungueka – The second visit to the Kogis in Colombia/ April 19th, 2018

A somewhat arduous journey is in store for us today. The drive to the Tungueka´s Kogi-village passes off over scree, through water and narrow roads. Because of the four-wheel vehicles which must slowly drive it’s no problem. We arrive at a rather big village. Many children come to us or curiously and with interest look out of the huts. We discuss with the teacher and the Kogi-Mama of the village that we may carry out a meditation on the village square. About 90 – 100 children and some mothers appear. Contacts and connections to single children arise. Some of them are very ill and, when we are allowed, we treat them by transmission of energy.

Thereafter we are led to the river. Just the same as in the first Kogi-community the Tungueka have a wonderful, holy place at the river. We eat together with many children who came later. With great pleasure we share with them our meal and they also share among each other. After taking a bath in the river we hand over our holy presents to the Kogi-Mama.

Out of our heart we thank for this day with so many children. From this visit we can take with us completely different impressions. Our hearts are filled with many glances of children.

 Beate Knopp

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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