Nature Conservation - About King Trees and Communication Trees

King Trees are usually trees that grow tall. This is necessary for their survival. Thus, the tree is able to communicate audibly with other Communication Trees. On the spiritual level, communication runs through the large crowns that tower above everything. On a material and fine-material level, communication runs through the root system and the earth.
Often these wonderful King Trees have room for orchids, birds, bees and all who wish to live and dwell protected high up in the tree. Completely new species of animals also settle here via the droppings of the birds, such as worms and insects. Thus, all the trees live in harmony with all the other plants and the other inhabitants of the forest. We feel and sense this harmony when we enter the forest, when we tune into it.

The protection and preservation of optimal living conditions for all trees and the King Trees in particular contribute to the stabilization of the entire ecosystem of the Earth, since the communication of trees is not limited to one forest, but takes place worldwide
Preservation means that there is as little human intervention as possible in the environment of the tree. Everything remains as natural as possible so that the tree can get nutrients as well as minerals.
It is therefore our task that the information and awareness that the Mother Earth and a King Tree have, remains and is preserved. This is the guarantor of the preservation of the jungle.

At the top of mountains or mountain ranges there are often majestic Sentinel or Message Trees. These are essential for the entire ecosystem and must not be cut down by humans. But often this is exactly what happens and then crosses or temples are placed on top of the mountains. Or monoculture is grown there by man, because the sun is highest high up on the mountain top and thus rapid growth is possible.

In the long term, knowledge of the original information contributes to the sustainable health of the forests. The knowledge of this information makes us aware of our special responsibility for the careful treatment of the forests of this earth and especially of King Trees.

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