Further peace steps of The City of Peace Colombia - Family Duarte-Torres and their Finca La Jorará in Palomino, Colombia/ December 26th, 2019

Together with the Kogi, an indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada, the Duarte-Torres family and the philosophical peace movement of Light Awareness from Germany, the "City of Peace Colombia" will be created on the grounds of the Finca La Jorará. This will be a place of peace-education, a place of liberation, healing and recognition of peace in every human being. Here, as in every City of Peace worldwide, peace will be encountered, experienced and recognized.

During the talks about the tasks for further steps of implementing the City of Peace Colombia, the awareness of the vision of worldwide peace will be deepened. The peace longing innate in mankind awakens and leads to peaceful actions.

 The Colombian family Duarte-Torres, owners of the Finca La Jorará on the Colombian coast near Santa Marta / Sierra Nevada has already decided: The first "City of Peace Colombia" will be built on their large, beautiful site. José Duarte describes it as follows: "We spread out our arms and feel honored and happy contributing to this place of peace between people and also people and nature.“ Ever since he bought the  estate, 20 years ago, he knew that this would be a unique place. While encountering the Philosophy of Light Awareness and the great vision of “Worldwide Peace NOW”, his intuition now becomes clearer and clearer. Ivan Duarte-Torres, one of his two sons, also describes that his life has changed and realigned towards peace. It is a deep joy to see in his eyes when he talks about it.

"Asociación Ciudad de la Paz Colombia"

For the next steps of implementation, a joint "Asociación Ciudad de la Paz Colombia" will be founded. It is about designing and building a first house for education, liberation and healing work according to Light Awareness. The building site has already been selected, the first ideas for the architecture have been gathered and the Ecohotel team is also involved. In 2020 the first peace retreats will be ready to take place.

In an area of Colombia that was considered highly dangerous in times of civil war, true peace is returning to the people through inner peace.

 (This journey has been financed privately.)

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