Fire Ceremony on July 8th, 2021, in the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe

On each journey we create fire rituals at particularly pristine and energetic places.  In Matobo Hills we celebrated it on a 500 million years old monolith. In the beating of the drums, communication, connection and remembrance with the ancestors, the energy field of the monolith, Mother Earth, the original fire and the universe were established. A meditation deepened this holy and healing ceremony.

In the process of a fire ritual there is always the possibility to use the transformational power of fire for changes in one's own energy field.  Thoughts and feelings can be handed over to the living aspect of the fire and thus be cleared and purified. This purification process leads to the transformation and refinement of all of us. In the sacred and healing energy field created by us, new energy can be absorbed through the spiritual and mental aspect of fire.

Keeping the firepower alive within oneself to advance individual development and support global peace fulfillment, especially in Africa, was an essential aspect of this fire ritual.

Finally, an essential fire dance honored the ceremony and illustrated the changeability and vitality of the element in powerful rhythmic and equally gentle movements.

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