Children and family work in quarries at the foot of the Gahinga volcano July 24th, 2021 near Kisoro/ Uganda

Child work is often seen in Uganda, including in the quarries, where even women and children can be found barefoot and bare-handed, without any protective equipment, doing the hardest and dustiest physical labor.

We have appreciated and blessed children and women in their physically demanding work in quarries.

In the midst of the dust, a mother nurses her newborn baby, whom she has with her as a matter of course for stone-cutting. She sits before us with dignity and grace. Through her hard work, with the support of her children, she makes ends meet for her family.

It is impressive to see how the women work, under what conditions and how they mine and crush the volcanic stone, that it becomes crushed and usable in different ways and sold as sand or as small and large stones.

30 dollars for a week breaking stones from morning to night - admiring and touched we stand before these people and appreciate and value them.

We have bestowed gifts, money and our gaze on people, lifted them up with our blessings and through our participation as well as through meeting us.

On the way we saw an 80-year-old man in a jacket sitting gracefully and toothless, who in complete acceptance knocked stones without complaining. We appreciated and valued him. He was overjoyed and could not believe his eyes when he saw our gifts to him.

Again, we find out in these encounters "a lifetime and lifechanging experience", for all involved.

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