A Journey for Peace and Unity in April 2022 for Understanding and Unification of Peoples in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

We see the Kogi and their brother peoples as the Guardians of the Earth. However, they are not perceived by the world public. Thus, they do not have the importance and recognition they deserve.

We, as Guardians of the Spirit, come with the vision of reuniting all the Indigenous Peoples of this Earth back into the Origin. Thus, unified origin-information, origin-consciousness and origin-energy flows and streams through all of us again and Earth-Earth is created anew.

Having been in contact and connection with Mamo Manuel since 2018 we have had several meetings with Mamos in the 1.5 years of our preparation for this trip with his support. We have been able to present our vision in various gatherings and the Mamos have consulted and energetically tested our intention. We were pleased with their statements that they valued our work and that we should continue in this spirit. Finally, they gave their recommendation that we could speak with their secular leader, the Cabildo.

After several conversations with Cabildo Arregoces Conchacala, he opened the doors of the Kogi and agreed to allow 40 of us to enter into intensive encounters with the Kogi. For this, we agreed together on different meetings for dialogues and exchanges about our visions, meditations and pagamentos for the people and Mother Earth. A common celebration for peace and unity was the crowning conclusion of the 14-day journey of the Guardians of the Spirit.

For all of us, the Guardians of the Earth and the Guardians of the Spirit, a common time of intense encounters on which we are looking with gratitude.

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