Joint waterhealing - Light Awareness together with the guardians of the earth, the Kogi, at Rivers Rio Ancho and Rio Orinoco in Sierra Nevada, Colombia/ December 23rd and 25th, 2019

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese alternative physician, says: "If water is spoken with words, played with music or healed in deep meditation, the appearance of the water crystals changes”. Emoto has proven this through experiments and documented it in many of his wonderful photos.
Water absorbs energy, the vibration of words, music, meditation, it changes as a result and passes the energy on as a carrier. It has been the vivid wisdom of the Philosophy of Light Awareness for decades to expand and anchor lightful energy in meditations.
In so-called Pagamentos or payments to Mother Earth, the Kogis express their appreciation and gratitude. Their rituals are regularly performed at fixed places. In the case of the Pagamentos for the element water, the place is a stone by the river which is sacred to the Kogi. Healing meditations of Light Awareness are free of all external conditions and can be donated at any time and any place.

At the riverside of Rio Ancho and Rio Orinoco, joint water healing takes place. First as Kogiritual / Pagamentos at the holy stone with a small piece of cotton and later on as water healing meditation according to Light Awareness with the transfer of UR-information, UR-consciousness and UR-energy to the water. UR is here the basic of creation.
Thus, the water experiences the vibration of the 11 basic values of all existence, of light, love, life, order, harmony and rhythm, freedom, peace, truth, love and unity. The Kogi report after such common meditations that they can feel a high energy. The deep, pure intention of meditation can be experienced by them. In these moments a deep reconnection of the Kogi with Light Awareness takes place.
All acts of peace in Light Awareness are sustainable for the benefit of all existence and in this meditation especially for that of water. The water will pass on this newly absorbed, primal information, primal consciousness and primal energy as a carrier, wherever it flows. This is pure healing expansion.
(This journey has been financed privately.)

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