Appreciation and blessing of women and children in slope farming on July 22th, 2021 in Bwindi National Park/ Uganda

On the very steep slopes of the Bwindi National Park in Uganda, we met a mother with one of her daughters who were about to cultivate their field. This work is very arduous and strenuous in the mountains and is mainly done by women and their children.

They only have this small, steep plot to live on, although the family is very large with 7 children. The women often have many children, because more children can take more work from them. We admire and appreciate them.

Through our blessing and the bringing and sending of origin information, origin consciousness and origin energy into Mother Earth and into the plants, everything can now grow in its originality. The coming harvest will nourish the family and the people in the village on all levels: spiritually, mentally and especially physically.

Of course, we also bless all the people and especially the children from heart to heart who have answered the call of peace during our visit. Monetary gifts are also given and so the women and children, the families, the village, are made happy and are appreciated and valued in the highest way.

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