Appreciation and honor to the Kogi on April 16th, 2022 in different communities Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta / Colombia

We come to the Kogi to admire, pay homage and praise them for their centuries of serving Mother Earth. We express through spiritual words and feelings that we honor and value the existence and work of the Kogi. We give gifts out of being abundant with experiences of abundance, e.g. through our peace meals, our abundance tables, with food, jewelry, money and other gifts.

So we come in pure intention of peace. If we look at history worldwide, the Europeans often brought anything but peace. Thus, our coming and paying homage as peacemakers in peace is a form of asking the Kogi for forgiveness and making amends for what has happened. We bring back what was taken from them: Honor, esteem, respect, money and gold.

It is an act of pacification and healing to people and Earth. Before true peace on earth can be lived alive again, man must take responsibility for all actions that have brought discord and bring them into forgiveness. With our action we do this vicariously for all Europeans who have caused injustice, hurt and suffering to others.

Besides senior mamos and Cabildo Arregoces Conchacala, the recipient of a gold coin was María, a cogi woman. María was given a gift by us, representative of all women and the feminine and sensitive. We honor through the gift of blessed scarves with the inscription of the 5 eternal values: freedom, peace, truth, love and unity. In this way we express that their recipients, representing a whole folk, are protected, loved and carried in the energy, consciousness and information of these eternal, infinite and immortal values.

For the first time in human history, the Freedom and Peace Award by David Wared, the highest award from Light Awareness, was presented. The award went to the highest Mamo present, Mama Santuno Zarabata, and thus at the same time to all Mamo principales, all Mamo majores, all Mamos and to the entire Kogi people, who for thousands of years have been working for freedom and peace on our planet in a healing and completely unconditional way.

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