Visit to the “Rumah Bapaku” children’s home in Singaraja in Bali, Indonesia / 29 March 2017

We experienced deep connections, and our hearts were deeply touched during our five-hour visit to the Rumah Bapaku children’s home.

We had been very warmly welcome by Natalie “Tasha” Molloy, “mother” of the children and founder of the children’s home, as well as by the 35 Balinese children themselves. The girls and boys came directly to us, accepted us without shyness and showed us their home. The direct connection and proximity to the children was perceptible and moving from the beginning.

The children had prepared a program for us: They danced for us and sang the song “Hallelujah” in a way that touched our hearts. There were tears in everyone’s eyes.

Our community showed itself through our peace mantra and a subsequent peace meditation in English with simultaneous interpretation in Indonesian: We are peace ambassadors, on the road for worldwide peace through person-to-person encounters. This led to profound moments of intimate connection between us and the children, although we could communicate very little with language. These very real moments are anchored in our hearts.

Afterwards gifts were exchanged and we donated money and materials. David praised Tasha and her work with poignant words. As a special acknowledgment of appreciation and distinction, David gave her our Light Awareness blessing scarf, an award that is only given to selected people around the world.

After a joint meal in a relaxed atmosphere on the floor of the basketball court, we played basketball, volleyball and soccer together with the children.

After a wonderful time with games, singing and dances, side by side with the children, we parted from each other, blissful and with our hearts full.

Once again it was clear that love and affection unites us all. 

Susanne Knopp / Beate Knopp

(This journey has been privately financed by the participants.)

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09.01.2018 | Natalie Anak Agung Molloy

It was an absolute pleasure and so rewarding to meet you all. Our children had an amazing time with you and certainly learnt so much from your kindness and wisdom. Life should be about sharing the message of hope, love, kindness, salvation, and peace. It is truly a blessing that you all believe in this strongly and spend your time and resources spreading this message. I thank you again sincerely and praise you for what you do and what you did for my children. God bless you all. Hopefully we will meet you again. Love Tasha