Visit to a Christian church in Bali, Indonesia / 02 April 2017

During our trip to Bali, we visited a Baptist community in Ubud on Sundays. We celebrated a worship service together to express our bond with them. It was a very atmospheric beautiful service, accompanied by a band. We then expressed our gratitude to the congregation and spoke about our community and our desire to bring peace and love into the world.

Katrin chimed in with the mantra: “We are love, we are peace. We are oneness, we are one.” And we meditated together for the expansion of peace and love in the world.

We handed the pastor a bouquet of flowers and a blessing scarf embroidered with the words “Light-Love-Life,” which he was very pleased to see, immediately dressed und visibly was touched by. Since this Sunday was his birthday, we sang him our German birthday song “Good luck and much blessing.” The congregation members were also very touched by our message, and then there were a lot of lively conversations and hugs with them. Addresses were exchanged so people could keep in touch.

Sigard Rude

(This journey has been privately financed by the participants.)


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