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from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Peace in the world
  • Unconditional basic income for everyone
  • Living a world family
  • Living to the highest ethics - Enabling expanded humanitarianism to come alive

 I recognize that all is ONE.“
David Wared


The Light Awareness Philosophy shows the way to world peace and provides a foundation for connections. This great vision of peace is expressed:

  • In new therapeutic methods that help people free themselves, heal themselves and understand themselves so they can feel within themselves the peace that is their truth and origin
  • In new social and political models that promote the coexistence and potential of everyone. This is how humans participate in a community according to their abilities and skills, can further develop themselves, and thereby serve the great whole.
  • In the eternal presence of the fundamental goodness of humans. Through their free choice, humans choose to live from their fundamental goodness or deny it. But its presence is not affected by this.
  • In a universal ethics that expresses itself in expanded humanitarianism. Humans, animals, plants, nature and Mother Earth are fundamentally good in their nature and are valued as equals.
  • In the knowledge that unity is our origin. This reveals that we are completely and wholly connected to each other and form a world family.