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Wishes of women

from the perspective of the Light Awareness Philosophy

  • Sharing wisdom
  •  Living femininity
  • Permitting softness
  • Unity of the male-female principle

"When we speak of truth,
we must integrate the feminine and the feeling
into decision.“

David Wared


In most cultures today, the female is generally less respected than the male. And many women tend to live through their masculine side, oriented toward understanding, analytical approaches and cost-benefit assessments. Emotions and feelings have had a subordinate or no importance for millennia – only rationality and materialism are valued.

Women wish:

  • To really be free and live in dignity
  • To live through their feminine qualities and to be seen and appreciated in this way
  • Equality between women and men
  • Education and development
  • Time for themselves
  • Time for partnership and family
  • Communication and deep feeling

The separation of male and female is an invention of the human imagination, which has caused much suffering in the past. It is therefore important to fully heal the ancient wounds that we as humans have introduced through this separation, devaluation, and humiliation of the other sex. It is helpful in this regard to realize that everything in worldly existence in its original state contains a perfect balance of 50% male and 50% female strength.

The “3W-principle” of the Light Awareness Philosophy describes three essential attributes (“3W” in German means: “Weisheit – Weiblichkeit – Weichheit”). The „3W-principle“ stands for:

Wisdom arises through the connection between knowledge and feeling; knowledge alone does not make wisdom. It is also connected with the truth. The role of the wise human being is to share wisdom and to support and encourage people in their development.

Femininity means the admission of sensitivity, emotions and deep feelings. It is thus an expression of love and guides humans through an inner voice and intuitions in their decisions and actions.

Softness is the empathetic acceptance of new situations and encounters. It leads to more liveliness. Weakness is always associated with a high degree of sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability

This light principle of the Light Awareness Philosophy applies to all humans because we all carry 50% male and 50% female within us. It is only when we complement feeling with wisdom, the female aspect with the male aspect, and when we apply the “3W-principle” that humans can develop their female side.