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„War begins in the mind,
peace begins in the heart.“

David Wared


Our philosophy

The basis for our world tour

The basis for the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is the Light Awareness Philosophy. David Wared received this philosophy from the highest spiritual source as a four-year-old child. He developed it as a healing therapist and healing philosopher, thereby extending his family’s knowledge of and aptitude for healing. He perfected his family tradition of healing and opened it up to those who were interested.

He combined the history of healing art with the history of philosophy and developed both in such a way that they form the foundation for a complete and comprehensive practice of healing. In the Light Awareness Philosophy, David Wared combines healing with a spiritual orientation and development of humanity because all human existence is about knowledge of truth. The path to knowledge is always a path of awareness, a path of liberation from all limitations and a path to healing.

All Western philosophers in the past 3000 years have been concerned with these questions:

Where do I come from?
Why am I here?
Where am I going to?

Philosophers have not been able to answer these fundamental questions from the beginning of philosophy to the present because they have all focused on reason in answering these questions. The Light Awareness Philosophy shows that those who try to master their lives or understand their existence through reason alone will reach a limit. Many things cannot be explained through thinking alone; feeling and the observation of emotions and intuition are also needed.

The new Light Awareness Philosophy creates the basis for understanding and explaining human existence for the first time. A core message of this philosophy is that humans have emerged from the highest spiritual source, which produces all existence. The human form provides for the unity of mind and body and the opportunity to walk the path of awareness on Earth in space and time.

The Light Awareness Philosophy provides a comprehensive explanation of how people can take this path to free themselves from everything that is blocking them. It leads back to the person themselves, their essential core and the knowledge that they are a spiritual being. Through the separation of feeling, most people today have lost access to themselves, to fellow human beings, to nature and all the living beings on our planet. The Light Awareness Philosophy clearly shows that thinking is only refined through true feeling, which lives in the heart, and is extended to become a unity of thinking and feeling. Only then is it possible to think deeply. Only then can we embark on paths to real change at the individual and global level. This is the fundamental prerequisite to experience yourself as a spiritual being and recognize your eternal origin.

The Light Awareness Philosophy, which is a system that is completely open and free of dogma, shows that 11 fundamental values ​reside in the essence of every human being. They are an eternal presence, which means these fundamental values ​​exist independently of how we perceive them in ourselves. They form our origin as humans, but in the course of human development they have become covered, hidden and emptied. The rediscovery of and reconnection with these values is the most important task in our development as humans. Coming to know ourselves leads us back to our natural state and our origin. The Light Awareness Philosophy describes all the necessary steps and methods for this process.

It makes clear that a change in external events requires a change within every human being. Human knowledge must clarify itself, get involved and be willing to accept feeling. This is how knowledge expands to become understanding. This is the only way characteristics such as peacefulness, respect, tolerance, connectedness, truthfulness, freedom and integration can be perceived again. Each and every person is fully responsible for this development.

The fundamental prerequisite for clear thinking and inner feeling is to take open and active steps to develop in this direction. This leads to an expansion of awareness. The raising of awareness first allows people to realize how essential the change of their individual viewpoint is and that they cannot look at themselves in a detached way because everything is connected.  All existence is connected in a unity – individual, global and universal. Deep feeling is needed to experience this unity within. It cannot be comprehended through thinking alone.

The 11 fundamental values

of the Light Awareness Philosophy

A life lived in Light Awareness is possible when everything that constricts humans and diminishes their constant vitality, happiness, and joy has been resolved and removed. A life lived in Light Awareness is fulfillment that moves outward from within. This state is true and authentic expression, which manifests itself in absolute clarity of the mind and perfect purity of the soul.

The rediscovery of clarity and purity in oneself is the purpose of human development. It is the path of continuous encounters, experiences and knowledge in life to more awareness, all the way to the 11 fundamental values and thus to oneself.

These 11 fundamental values, which are completely independent of time and space, of social orders, religions, cultures and political systems, serve as a guide for us and are at the same time a guide for thinking, feeling and acting in light and love. As a whole, they form the basis for everything that exists in the universe and reflect the essence of every human being through the small things. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone carries these values within themselves, feels their truthful content and longs for them within. The 11 basic values include the “3L-principle”, the “OHR-principle” and the “5 eternal values”.



Light, Love, Life               

 3 principles



Order, Harmony, Rhythm      

 3 principles

Eternal values


Peace, Love, Freedom, Truth, Unity

  5 values


11 fundamental

Light - Love - Life

The “3L-principle”

„Light preceded the illuminated..
Love preceded lovers.
Life preceded the living.“

David Wared


The founder of the philosophy, David Wared, calls the trinity of light, love and life the creative principle. Everything that is created or arises includes these three principles: the principle of light, the principle of love and the principle of life. They apply always without restriction. They are universal and are not bound by any conditions.

Light symbolizes the spirit and is the principle of expansion. It is the primordial impulse that contains the information for all origins. The mind witnesses and wants to expand itself. It represents knowledge.

Love symbolizes the soul and stands for the principle of connection. It represents consciousness that receives the information. The soul wants to give birth and express itself. It represents experience and wisdom.symbolizes the soul and stands for the principle of connection. It represents consciousness that receives the information. The soul wants to give birth and express itself. It represents experience and wisdom.

Life symbolizes the body and forms the principle of development. It is the energy which, as a living force, enables movement, change and transformation and is the eternal flow of all existence. It represents liveliness.

Life reveals itself to humans the moment they are born. We are constantly moved by our spirit and soul. A process of encountering (principle of Life), of experiencing (principle of Love) and knowledge (principle of Light) accompanies human development. We are constantly accompanied by the light of the expansion of our spirit and by love to express our soul. This path of development allows us to experience the meaning of existence - to return to our origin.

Order – Harmony – Rhythm

The “OHR-principle”

„See your own order in the order of all,
See your own harmony in the harmony of all,
See your own rhythm in the rhythm of all.“

David Wared


The principle of order, harmony and rhythm expresses the universal order of creation. There is an order, a harmony and a rhythm in everything that exists. The principle ensures that the original cosmic order is always present. This is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of all energies in unity.

Order reflects the light principle of extension, which gives a vital and flowing structure to all that exists and directs all life processes and energy currents into orderly paths. Its absence is manifested in deficiency, disease and chaos.

Harmony reflects the love principle of expression, which binds all living things to their center point, balances everything on all planes, and thus allows connectedness. Its absence is manifested in instability and disbalance.

Rhythm reflects the life principle of development, which moves and changes all that exists in a coordinated way. Its absence is manifested in deficiency and disease.

The “OHR-principle” expresses itself in the small things at the level of the human, the level of duality. It is the order, harmony and rhythm of body, mind and soul. This minor principle is taken up in the great principle of the universe, connects and is experienced in humans through the balance of body, mind and soul. The energy field of human beings is then in unity with the energy field of the universe.

A disbalance of the great principle of order, harmony and rhythm is not possible, but every disease, deficiency, disbalance and instability in human beings is a disturbance of the minor principle and indicates that a person has himself separated from the universal energy field.

Peace, Love, Freedom, Truth, Unity

The 5 eternal values

„Living truth means
encouraging others to be truthful.
Living peace means
serving others in peace.
Living freedom means
helping others to free themselves.
Living love means
awaking the abilitity to love in others.
Living unity means,
accompanying others in oneness.“

David Wared


The 5 eternal values are universal principles unrestricted in terms of time, space and form. They are eternally present. They unfold their effect only as a whole, and only then does unified connection become possible and experiencable. At the level of duality in human life, they are experienced through inner perception. They serve humans as maxims for action and for orientation and bring forth the deeper meaning of life through their development. They express themselves through peacefulness, devotion, freedom of choice, truthfulness and oneness..


Every human carries peace within themselves. Peace is gratitude for and appreciation of life and its origin, Mother Earth, nature, animals and our fellow human beings. The task of human beings is to realize peace. The path to this realization moves from the inside to the outside, beginning within humans. Its inner orientation is crucial for its manifestation outside. This means first perceiving and accepting our own inner discontent in order to be able to dissolve it.

Absence of peace is manifested to us as restlessness, tension, anger, hatred or competition, and in the outer world as a conflict, battle, struggle and war. In other words, peace and the absence of peace are active processes in humans in which we are always directly involved.

Peace expresses itself in peacefulness. The decision to accept peacefulness begins with peaceful thinking, leads to the peaceful feeling of peaceful action and requires complete forgiveness. This requires our willingness and openness. Forgiving oneself and others is the basis for peace. The conscious process of forgiveness, which is supported by regular meditation, begins the process of healing. Meditation and silence help us to feel peace inside and to live it on the outside. Consequently, everyone’s path of development is to clarify the aspects that have led to the absence of peace so that the peace realized in us can expand into the world.


Love resides in human beings. It allows the appreciation and respect of life in all its facets and establishes in relationships a connection that comes from the heart. Love supports the other, shows itself in compassion and devotion to the other, supports without expectation and is unconditional. All that exists is accepted without judgment and evaluation. This requires self-feeling and self-love. It is only when we love ourselves that we can love others and all that exists.

We can live in devotion only when we have realized self-love. This self-love leaves us free and independent of external conditions and internal needs and thus independent of the acknowledgment and confirmation of our fellow human beings. The search for love in the outside is finished; we are without expectations and accept what is shown to us in life. We experience a deep connection to  ourselves and have confidence that we are loved and supported by life. This opens the inner space for the feeling of universal love.


The value of freedom also resides in human beings and reveals itself in the striving for the inner feeling of freedom and the desire for a free life without conditions, blockades, external restrictions or constraints. When we make freedom depend on the circumstances and requirements of life, it shows the limited perspective of human beings.

Human beings always have free choice because every decision is preceded by a choice. It is irrelevant here whether the decision is made consciously or unconsciously. The decision gives life a direction for which we as humans bear responsibility. Often anxiety about changes is the reason why we do not make a decision, but this is also an exercise of our freedom of choice. It is important to understand why the path of liberation is not chosen or appears impossible.  Feeling that we lack freedom due to external or internal circumstances is an attitude that has to be changed. Freedom is a process of becoming aware, and it expresses itself in our thinking, feeling and actions. The more aware we are, the more we take responsibility for every decision and place our focus on sustainability.  Extended humanity and sustainability


How humans know the truth depends on their awareness. We experience the truth as an individual, inner truth, as external truth we experience in communication with the surrounding world, and as universal, absolute truth that touches our existence. There are many individual truths in human life, but the ONE, universal truth is the same for all. If we accept the truth directly in our hearts, we feel our knowledge expand to become understanding. If instead we accept truth only through reason, it restricts truth, and the truth is not complete. Truth manifests itself in honesty, reliability, loyalty and authenticity. It can be reduced by the process of omission, addition and distortion. This leads to lies, deception or illusion.

Truth expresses itself in truthfulness. The expression of truth from the heart, opening oneself and living truth frees us and leads to an increase in our life force and to a free flow of our life energy. Living in untruth and lies – with regard to ourselves and others – requires a lot of energy and restricts us. To bring truth to light and allow clarity to emerge, it is essential to focus on truth. We move to knowledge of a higher truth when we take the path of truthfulness, and we admit other truths beyond our own individual truth. The higher truth leads us to the ONE truth.


Unity is the origin of all creation. It integrates all and manifests itself in multiplicity, diversity and variety in the whole universe. It is whole, complete and undivided. Unity is reality, and its purpose is oneness. In human life, it manifests itself in balance, order, harmony, justice, stability and integrity. We do not initially remember this eternal connectedness. We perceive ourselves as individuals and are thus separated from unity. The path back to unity is the purpose of human existence.

We find our way back to oneness by understanding that we have separated ourselves from our inner being. We have taken on various identities and created artificial values such as wealth, power and fame. These identities allow us to sustain the separation and prevent us from developing our awareness. It is only with the dissolution of all identities we have adopted and liberation from all material dependence that we can return to unity. We live in happiness, fulfillment and connection with all that exists when we are in the state of unity. Our restricted views become insights that ultimately lead to ONE perspective. Oneness unfolds when peace, love, freedom and truth are manifested in it.