Water healing – The healing of the water also sanctifies us, Brazil, March 21st – April 5th, 2018

We were in the Amazonas Region near Manaus. At this place the rivers Rio Negro and Amazonas flow together and unite. It is a very particular place.In the Amazon flow 20% of the total freshwater of the earth. The water flows 6400 kilometers from the Andes spring to the Atlantic mouth and build a giant river system.

Arrived in Manaus, we are brought by boat to the hotel and thenforth we went only on the water, by boats.

On the first day we made a hike through the jungle. The water is everywhere, on the leaf and in the air. We are surrounded by water. Every afternoon of our journey the water healing group meets and meditates.


There is a beautiful natural swimming pool with small waterfalls. The first afternoon we meet there and stand there in a small stream on smooth stones.  We connect and give the essential and eternal again into the water.  We can perceive that the energy is passed through our hands as well as through our feet into the water.

In every nature encounter we transfer the UR-information, UR-awareness and UR-energy and confirm it by meditations of thankfulness.

A very special day is our trip to “Meeting of the waters”, the place where the Rio Negro and the Amazon unite.

The Rio Negro is rising in the southeast of Columbia. He is fed from the rainforests and looks black due to his high content of humic acids. Almost no plants grow in this low-nutrient water.

The headwaters of the Amazonas have its source in the Peruvian Andes Mountains and have got a completely different water composition.  Through the fertile soils his water is nutritious and brown colored.

When the two rivers meet, they do not mix immediately. They flow about 15 km next to each other.  That makes a unique picture.

Soul parts of Brazil and us come together in this special place. Therefore, the content of the meditation was the union of everything within and outside of us and the abolition of separation to unity. We also gave UR-information, UR-awareness, UR-energy to the river water.

On the sample of the two rivers it was very vivid to see that different qualities do not mean separation.

After we departed, it started to rain. It poured and it flashed and thundered. Only 20 meters from our ship away a lightning blasted into the water and it thundered three times in quick succession at the same time ... That was very, very impressive.

On another morning we make a moving meditation in the water, because healing impulses can be sat by the moving meditation Energy Dancing by David Wared. While we are completely connected with sky and earth we expand our energy field with the dance. Katrin initiated the water healing dance and we are moving and dancing in the water to music and everyone connects to the water and is ONE with it.

We were particularly deeply touched by a family of dolphins who, after completing our healing dance, gave their present life. 5 dolphins have shown us in place of the animals of the river their thank you for the healing work for their habitat.

At the end of the journey each group speak some key sentences about their group. Our sentences are:

  • The South American rainforest with his water wealth is not only important as green lung for the world. He is also a global rainmaker which influences the rainfalls in wide parts of the world.
  • The unimpaired habitat water offers a very large variety of animals and plants living in it the opportunity to expand, to express themselves and to be alive.
  • The water of the Amazonas let feel us, how much water is our nature and how much we are connected to it.
  • We are travelling in order to bless the water of the world, too.
  • The healing of the water also sanctifies us.
  • Water is an essential information carrier and we impulses water with the UR-information of life.

Julia Knobel and Christiane Brüggemeier

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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