Waterhealing on the River Ganges, in Rishikesh, India/ November 3rd, 2023 

We have recognized the essential nature of the elements and are full of gratitude and humility towards them. We long to serve them so that their original order can be brought back into harmonious expression. In this way, a rhythmically enlivened life can be essentially realized. The element of water in particular requires our attention and connection. It is a carrier of spiritual information and the clearer and purer it is, the more healing, refreshing and vitalizing it can serve all living beings.

On all our journeys we encounter the element of water, infuse it with primal information, primal consciousness and primal energy, bestow it with blessed healing stones and bless it. Through this act, we open the space and the possibility for the remembrance of the ONE origin and the connection with our own essentiality.

Before we traveled the Ganges, in India lovingly called Mother Ganga, in two boats in Rishikesh, we connected with the essence of the river and could immediately perceive its joy at our coming. He gifted us with his virile presence and feminine strength.

On the boats, we sang an appreciative song of praise and tuned in even deeper to the upcoming water healing. In the middle of the river we held our hands over the water and sent liberation, healing, our appreciation and esteem into it. In this way, primordial information, primordial consciousness and primordial energy expand into all the waters of the world via the water of the Ganges. The 11 basic values from light consciousness connect and touch everything that comes into contact with its water and open up the raising of consciousness for all existence.

Rivers, like veins in the human body, are essential transportation routes that are responsible for the flow of energy on Mother Earth. Once this is recognized, all people are once again the protectors and guardians of these living rivers worldwide. Grateful and inspired, we returned to the banks of the Ganges.

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