Water healing – Dance of the elements Water, Earth, Fire and Air for healing of the water in Ukunda, Kenya/  June 22nd, 2018

Before noon, we all met at the shore of the Indian Ocean for the Dance of the Elements for salvation and healing of mother earth and the element of the water. Due to high and strong waves at this morning we could not dance in the water as planned.

Instead, we all assembled near the water's edge on the beach, where we danced intuitively according to the element of water for our healing and the healing of the element of water.


We sent the flowing and connecting strength of the water out in the world and gave the frequency back to the Indian Ocean. Dances for the elements of earth with its devoting security as well as fire with its transforming energy. Water is so uniquely receptive in that it can take in gentle frequencies and make them visible. Trough the frequency of the single elements the water connects with the other three elements and completes himself.

While we danced the rain came and went. At the end of the dance for the element of fire the sky opened wide and poured down. We were soaked by the warm summer rain as we completed our Dance of the Elements inspired and enlivened in the Indian Ocean.

Many thanks for these wonderful Moments of deliverance, healing and self-awareness.

Anna Bardowicks

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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