The miracle of tree planting at Hwange Safari Lodge on July 10th, 2021 in Matabeleland/ Zimbabwe

In great cheerfulness, we also always go into living actions on our peace journeys.

At our tree plantings we give some tree children to Mother Earth. Together with the people of our local encounters we find suitable places which we bless. We always choose native trees that feel at home in the respective climate and soil.  Fruit trees give all living creatures the abundance experience of the Garden of EarthEden. Other trees provide shade. All trees contribute to a living biodiversity in their smaller and larger microcosms.

We plant either three trees as a sign of the origin from the light, the devotion in love and the essentiality for life or five trees as a connection with the five eternal valid values Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity.

In a sacred ceremony, these young tree seedlings are connected to the eternal original trees. We place them, blessed and lovingly, in the lap of the earth and provide them with the highest information, consciousness and energy, the 11 basic values of Light Awareness, the salt from Mother Earth and sacred crystals of Pure Spirit.

Always involved are caring and nurturing loving gardeners who have an intimate connection with the trees. They have been entrusted with their protection and care as their sacred and serving task for Mother Earth.In a solemn ceremony you will be given lifelong light sponsorships for the planted trees.  A new consciousness enters into the coexistence of people and plants.

Via a worldwide network of light, including all trees already planted by the light consciousness and thus originated, they communicate and carry the message of original spirit, of original soul and of original life around the world and to all living beings of the earth.


Nature openly encounters the artificial.
Nature is ONE with the natural.
Nature longs for the original.
David Wared

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