Extended Humanity at Marari Beach in Kerala/ India on November 26th 2023

On the shores of Marari Beach, we have dedicated ourselves to a very special endeavor: the creation of a field of consciousness of original order, harmony and rhythm between humans and the fauna. Peace between humans and animals, especially the fascinating inhabitants of the sea - the fishes and dolphins that once lived in close contact with humans.

In alignment with our ethic of expanded humanity according to light consciousness, a transcendental think-feel-act ethic, we have been on several animal healing meditations. Our vision is to anchor and expand peace information, peace consciousness and peace energy at Marari Beach. We meditated so that healing and peace between humans and animals can find space, place and time again.

The vision of our meditations goes beyond borders and extends far beyond the beach of Marari into all the oceans and waters of the world. We are committed to peaceful and vibrant communication, harmonious connection and an ordering remembrance that encompasses not only this beach, but the entire world. Our wish for the wildlife in this place and all over the world is that the waves of peace spread and a sustainable harmony and order is restored between humans and animals.

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