Sunset meditation on Lightning Rock on July 7th 2021 in the Matobo Hills/ Zimbabwe

We had a particularly intense encounter with the natural beauty of Africa after arriving at Big Cave Camp, which is harmoniously nestled in grandiose rocks and rock formations. Towards evening, we embarked on a healing drive through the bush landscape.

A highlight was the hike up to the plateau of Lightning Rock. This exceptionally huge rock was immersed in the warm play of colors of the light of the setting sun. A magnificent view of the surrounding area left us in admiration and appreciation. In a joint meditation we connected with the unique energy of the rock.

Connecting with Mother Earth, the four elements -fire, earth, air and water as well as particularly with the sun, we all felt the power of this place.  We meditated and prayed for the people, animals and plants of this sacred place and for the peace of the entire continent.

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