A peace journey on scooters through Saigon, Vietnam / December 2, 2019

Dozens of scooters at once at a traffic light crossing, whole columns of scooters on the main roads and highways, sidewalks parked with scooters - these pictures are everyday life in Vietnam's capital Saigon, where the scooter is without doubt the main means of transport. There seems to be nothing that could not be brought to its destination by scooter: meters of cable that the riders wrap around their hips like hula hoop tires, pieces of furniture weighing several kilos, small children on little plastic chairs wedged between the rider's legs, pets and whole families find a place on the agile vehicles.
To a Central European, every scooter driver in Saigon must appear like a "street artist" of a special kind, because for him it is close to a fabulous feat of how it is possible to reach your destination safely and unharmed without strict traffic rules, just by honking the horn and hand signals. Thus, the scooter has become a source of income in Saigon and many agencies offer foreign tourists city tours and adventure tours through the Vietnamese metropolis.

Our group also enjoyed a scooter tour through Saigon. But we did not use the typical means of transport of the country for a classic sightseeing tour or one of the so-called street food tours that are so popular among tourists. As travelers for peace we were using the Vietnamese number one means of transport for spreading peace.

Driven by empathic young drivers, we had the unique opportunity not only to see the city and its sights, but also to feel it in peace and thus appreciate it in the best sense possible. On an unforgettable tour, we drove along central streets and passed by central squares, giving away the peace which we felt inside through our hearts to this wonderful city and its people.
Vietnam and all Vietnamese deserve deepest thanks on behalf of the whole world. The country and its people have experienced much war, pain and injustice. But they have forgiven this painful past - are palpable and perceptible went into forgiveness for past events, and at present are so open-minded towards foreign visitors that this can only be admired and not appreciated highly enough. On this point Vietnam is a model for the whole world, because peace - world peace - cannot be achieved without true and deep forgiveness. Peace starts within me.

In the spirit of peace, we concluded this special peace journey through Saigon in a beautiful city park. Under big shady trees we all sat down together for a peace talk and a following meditation for world peace.  It was very touching to see and feel that some of our young drivers opened up new perspectives on the topic of peace during this open get-together.
Peace according to Light Awareness means rather the inner peace - the peace that every human being feels and senses within himself when he reflects. In these special moments and moments of complete presence, man encounters his true nature, his real reality, his originality. And this is: Peace. For these invaluable moments and instants, we travel around the world and meet people to give them these moments and instants of peace as a gift. (This journey has been privately financed.)


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