Solvei Angelika Princess zu Erbach-Schönberg is Peace Ambassador for New Zealand/ November 2019

During a fire ceremony the apprenticeship of Princess Angelika Solvei was completed. Now Solvei Angelika Princess of Erbach-Schönberg is a "Princess Light" and thus ambassador for light awareness in New Zealand.
After years of intensive connection and communication and holistic training at the Light Awareness Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany, which includes heart formation, we have succeeded in winning the heart of Solvei Angelika Princess zu Erbach-Schönberg for the peace movement and peace commitment in our world. We are very touched and pleased to have won the spirit of this outstanding personality for worldwide humane acting and serving for the protection and preservation of the entire creation.

Her personal presence and devotion confirm and strengthen our heartfelt vision of worldwide peace. Solvei Angelika Princess zu Erbach-Schönberg is a particular support, a great joy and a true blessing.
An admirable, authentic princess supports with her commitment the sustainable and beneficial philosophy of Light Awareness and thus deeply touches the heart of the founder of Light Awareness Philosophy David Wared and that of many other fellow human beings worldwide.

With her warm heart and empathy for all living beings on our Mother Earth, she makes a significant contribution to raising consciousness and energy noticeably on a global scale.
She accompanies her fellow human beings to the recognition of their own self and donates her peace, so that other people worldwide can also reach their innermost deep peace.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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