Animal Healing Drive, Fire Ceremony, and Peace Meditation at Jawai / India on November 11th, 2023

Under the starry sky of Jawai, we connected with nature and our inner peace, peace with the environment as well as serving, thanking and humbly dedicating ourselves to the healing of the animals.

The animal healing drive through the pristine landscape of Jawai had a deeply moving effect on our hearts. In jeeps, we drove through rock formations that are millions of years old. Its desert-like vegetation is home to a wide variety of animals - from majestic leopards, camels, herds of sheep and cows to numerous birds. The dammed Jawai River provides a refreshing elixir of life for humans and animals alike. Our animal healing journeys are always an opening up of a field of communication, connection and remembrance of the originality of Mother Earth and the animal world. In this way, we paid tribute to their abundance, beauty, and splendor.

IIn this dialogue, we also perceived our own goodness and greatness as protectors of nature and animals, which was reflected in the beautiful surroundings. In peace, heaven, earth and all beings are ONE and experience each other's beauty. We were able to experience and realize this full of happiness and joy.

In our sunset meditation on million year old rocks for the healing of animals, we connected with nature on a deep level and sent out peaceful energies for the wellbeing and healing of wildlife. We were in a deep connection with the diversity and variety of wildlife and extended our peace into the environment through our inner essence. According to the Light Awareness Philosophy, all beings, be they human, animal, plant or Mother Earth are of equal worth and value. For this reason, we are in love, blessing and in constant maintenance of peace with all beings.
From this light-conscious ethos, which includes expanded humanity, peace in the form of peaceful thinking, peaceful feeling and peaceful action applies unconditionally and without restriction, in, for and from us for the whole of creation.
We created a touching field of feeling unity and peace for ourselves and our Indian companions with everything that surrounded us.

Under the clear starry sky of the desert, we exchanged inspiring impressions during the evening fire ceremony and experienced the transformative energy of the fire.
Sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the silence and beauty of nature, allowed us to feel and internalize a deeper connection once again. Our peace community felt like HOME.

We not only internalized the timeless beauty of nature, but also set an example for the eternal value of peace. Especially via the animal healing meditation, we expanded our being peace and expressed the importance of peace and the healing energy it brings to the animal world. Jawai thus became a place for us that deeply touched both the mind and the soul, as well as the heart, and planted the seed for a spiritual healing of the animal world in the form of Expanded Humanity.

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