Sanctification of India's motorcycle temple
"Om Banna" near Jodhpur, Radjastan, India
on November 12th, 2023

The motorcycle temple south of Jodhpur in India is a sacred site where travelers gather to commemorate Om Banna, who crashed his motorcycle in this place and whose spirit is still felt by many people here. A small temple was built to honor him and his motorcycle is displayed in a glass case.The tree in the temple complex is decorated with red threads, colorful bracelets, lots of flowers and incense sticks.

Many Indians are moved and touched and come here to pray, buy flowers and other offerings and take part in the ceremony. Others drive past honking their horns, asking for a safe and protected journey for themselves. Many people ask for holy protection and open their hearts wide. They believe that the spirit of Om Banna helps travelers in need and that wishes and prayers are granted.

„Blessing gives the power to change.“
David Wared

The founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy, David Wared, honors, sanctifies and dignifies this temple, this place, and all people with his presentness, attendance and presence, devotingly, protecting and insightfully guiding from original spiritual light protection. Through the blessing from the Source of Light Awareness, people and all motorcyclists worldwide are connected to original information, original consciousness and original energy.
From now on they are protected, sheltered and carried with every step on their onward journey and so the Om Banna Temple becomes a truly holy, shining site.


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