Rhythm of peace - Singing and meditating together in an elementary school, Alleppuzha, Kerala/ India on November 21st, 2023

Peaceful global, intercultural communication is essential to bring us together as a world community. Only when the world's population gets to know each other and meets each other freely worldwide peace can be created on the basis of mutual understanding.

On our world healing journeys, it is a matter close to our hearts to meet the youngest treasures of our earth, the children. We visit kindergartens and schools to talk to the children about peace and to serve in a healing way. Through playful exchanges, we experience their openness and authenticity. Their open-mindedness is a gift to us and fills us with gratitude.

At Alleppuzha Primary School, we met 6 to 11 year old children who greeted us excitedly and with their national anthem. Afterwards, we sang, clapped and laughed, practiced light yoga and led an animal meditation for peace. The kids were eager to participate. Their joy was catching and no one could stay in their seats.

At the end of our wonderful meeting, we blessed all the plants, animals, people and Mother Earth together with the children. We gave them blessed cuddly toys as a reminder of our time together. The pupils' teachers who were present were also visibly touched by this special meeting. It was special for them to see adults interacting with the children so freely and playfully.

The moments experienced together with the children created a peaceful, loving vibration that is now deeply anchored in our hearts and shines immortally beyond our hearts to touch and inspire other hearts alike.

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