Reunification of Cyprus in peace/ July 21st, 2019

In the 45th year of the separation of the island, 100 peace ambassadors from Germany celebrated peace with their brothers and sisters from South and North Cyprus in the UN buffer zone in Nicosia. What motivates our community from Germany to stand up for peace and reunification in Cyprus? Some of our motivations are our own history of successful reunification, which has emerged above all from the power of the people.  In addition to this there is a certainty that peace is a natural source in human beings and above all because we feel a deep love and connection to Cyprus and our Cypriot sisters and brothers. Our peace community is deeply moved by heart. Only in lively peace every human being, every animal, the plants and the country of Cyprus itself can be fully expressed in its dignity, intactness and according to its gifts and abilities.

Peace concerns us all and can be achieved worldwide. We are no longer just citizens of our respective homelands. We are all brothers and sisters in the longing for peace all over the world. Today we stand at the side of the Cypriot people because our responsibility for peace knows no national, cultural or religious boundaries. We have transmitted our message of peace in direct contact and discussions via consultants to the two political representatives Mr. Anastasiades and Mr. Akinci, combined with our highest appreciation and gratitude for their peace work so far. Further meetings and conversations are arranged. Together we can bring peace and reunification from the power of a global peace community and unity of all.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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