Peace visit with goats and cow on July 14th, 2021 in Monde Village, Victoria Falls / Zimbabwe

Domestic animals often play a big role in the encounter with the people. For this visit, in addition to our gifts of fruit and vegetables, as well as toys and school supplies for the children, we took several goats and a cow.

We made the selection of the animals from our empathy with them. Their cry for release and healing was very palpable. All the remaining animals received healing from us, their agitation subsided under our hands. When buying the goats as well as the cow, we did not negotiate with the sellers, but paid the amount they wanted from our abundance. In addition, their children were also given gifts - how wonderfully their eyes began to shine.

Our interaction with the animals, that we stroked them, caused visible astonishment. This was new for the people. And that the donated animals should not be eaten, even more so. The new generations of animals should be equal and worthy with us humans.

We felt great joy when we handed over the gifts. We felt that we were bringing about a change in the way animals, especially pets, are treated in Africa.

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