Peace tour by motorbike and peace meditation in Filipino in Manila, Philippines / February 26, 2020 

Our peace journey through Southeast Asia leads us to the Philippines, an island state with 7641 islands. In the capital Manila we take a three-hour "Peace Tour by Motor Bike". Deeply connected with inner peace we start to expand this peace energy in Manila. We gratefully let local and skilled motorcyclists drive us through the heavy traffic.

As a result of our joyful and peaceful liveliness, we immediately attract the attention of other road users. On the way in the busy streets, at the roadside, in the jeepneys and in the houses there are always touching encounters with friendly and devoted people. Out of our peace we bless each individual with peace. In the slums we visit, we honor and value the people through our dedicated attention. We bring about communication and deep touching of their hearts through intimate eye contact. In these sacred moments of connection, everyone can feel: My peace is your peace. Your peace is my peace.

During our Peace Tour by Motor Bike we consciously stop at Rizal Park, also known as Luneta and Bagumbayan. Today a main attraction for people seeking recreation, in the 19th century it was a place where much injustice happened. This park was named after the national hero José Rizal. He was a Filipino writer, patriot and freemason whose life and literary work was an inspiration to the Philippine independence movement.

One of our meditation masters is holding our world peace meditation at this historic place. He speaks in the national language Filipino, which deepens the appreciation and connection to the people of the country. We meditate for peace. During the meditation, forgiveness for injustice is palpable. The Light Awareness Philosophy emphasizes the connection between peace and forgiveness. Peace on earth arises from forgiveness that has been accomplished - when you forgive yourself, when you forgive others and when you dwell in forgiveness. When forgiveness is accomplished, peace ableness expands in your inner and also in your outer life.

After forgiveness has been accomplished as well as in salutary pacification, we send our peace from this place to the capital and beyond Manila to the country of the Philippines and to the whole world. In the spirit of extended humanity, all people, all animals and plants, nature and Mother Earth are equally included. Thus the equality of all beings inside and outside is made tangible and visible.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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