Peace pictures for the light children of the Kogi on April 16, 2002 at Kogi-Community Kuishimake/ Colombia

The peace serving of our light children touches hearts and creates a lasting bond between people. A touched heart is open for a genuine and true encounter from heart to heart, soul to soul and spirit to spirit.

Several light children from our community painted peace pictures for Kogi children in Colombia. Already during the creation of these colorful works of art, we felt the peace in them. The joy of the children in painting these pictures was transmitted to the whole community. The children were very enthusiastic. Each child expressed their uniqueness through their peace painting. The peace energy of the paintings radiated and lifted the energy of each viewer.

We were happy to give a part of the paintings to Carmen, a Kogi woman from the Kuishimake community. We explained that these pictures were painted as a gift of peace for the Kogi children. We told about their creation and our longing to connect the children in Europe to the Kogi children.  When Carmen presented the works to some of the children, their eyes sparkled in joy.  They regarded the pictures attentively and carried them with enthusiasm. Each of the children paid attention to their own picture as a sacred treasure. We could feel and sense that they were peacefully lifted above the energy and power of these peace pictures. Their laughter and joy about the pictures infected us all. All hearts had been opened.

Everyone felt that these images of peace are essential for the connection between the light children in Europe and the light children of the Kogi. The peaceful coexistence between all children of the world, is significantly responsible for peace in the world.

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