Peace Dialogue of the Five Peoples on March 8th at Finca La Jorará Eco Hotel, Palomino, Santa Marta/ Colombia

A very special peace dialogue could take place at the end of our stay of several months in Colombia in the Finca La Jorará. A place where everything began for us in 2018. Here, with our friends, the Duarte-Torres family, who accompany all the steps and encounters with the indigenous peoples, we invite representatives of the indigenous peoples.

We talk about peace realization on earth, about the work of the Guardians of the Earth and about the PEACE service of the Guardians of the Spirit.

Pagamento of the Arhuaco, the Wiwa and a forgiveness meditation from our side followed at a sacred place of the Kogi Mamos.

In a fire ceremony on the beach we passed everything that was not yet forgiven to the fire, the powerful element of transformation.

An invitation to the Peace Meal and encountering, experiencing and recognizing the abundance of peace physically, soulfully and spiritually deepens our joy and connectedness that lasts beyond this day.

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