Peace and healing ride on motorcycles and in river floats on the Rio Don Diego, 21st April 2022/ Colombia

All journeys of our light awareness community are serving journeys for liberation, healing and becoming conscious. On these journeys we undertake salvation trips, which become effective in expansion and expression especially to the outside. This is something completely new. In difference to tourist journeys, it is about the connection of the individual with his elements water, earth, fire and air and those of the nature of the respective country, the plants, animals and humans. They pave the connection from the individual to the global. This path enables the changed appreciation and value to everything. It opens our mind, our soul and leads to a living encounter with the respective country and continent. It is a giving and taking. We pass over UR information, UR consciousness and UR energy through our energy transmissions into people, animals and plants and at the same time receive the incredible abundance of a country.

We were picked up by 40 local motorcyclists who were at first amazed at our colorful shirts with the message of peace and connection with everything printed on them. Their silent amazement widened as we spread our hands to bless and give peace during the ride. However, after a short time we were able to take them into the joy and enthusiasm of our ministry. Skillfully bringing their vehicles into formations, we sensed their understanding of our actions of peace. Unconsciously, the message had reached them that this ride was more than a simple transport ride. With a powerful honking of their horns, they accompanied local crossings and additionally drew attention to peace.

On the Rio de San Diego River, we took our seats in comfortable floaties. We joined hands and flowed to the mouth of the river into the Caribbean Sea - blessing, meditating, in joy and admiration of the beautiful landscape. Symbolically, the drop returned to the source. Just as each one of us here reached the source again.

We easily attract attention on our world healing journeys through our clothing, which reveals our witnessing to our unconditional and selfless service for peace. However, the touching of hearts in the encounters happens through our lively, serving being in anticipation - joy - and after joy. Our common energetic radiance in pre-shining, pre-loving and pre-living brings about the grace-blessing-miracle gift at all levels. Our full sense of responsibility is an expression of the creative power of everyone.

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