Peace- and Healing meditations as well as

Peace Dinner in Titjikala and at Uluru in Australia/

November 21st - 24th, 2019

During our peace journey to Australia we were looking for contacts to the indigenous people of Australia to show our appreciation and esteem to them.
We came closer to them for presenting a completely new experience with other humans and cultures.
It was our wish to gift them unconditionally, to invite them for a shared meal and to touch their hearts. Thus they could remind themselves to their origin roots. In this origin all mankind and all beings are equal and united.

After a certain time we received their trust. Most of the Aboriginal people have traumatic experiences. They live in villages, given to them, that in ancient times have been their own country. But the way of life in these villages does not correspond to their culture. Due to the change in nutrition, many diseases of civilization have also spread among this indigenous people.

During our peace talks and meditations they recognized the unconditional purity and clarity of our orientation and asked for support to find solutions for their problems.
We gave them money according to the value of their paintings. We paid their fees, to be allowed to meet them. We invited them for dinner to give them impulses for their healing and inner peace, to pacify their conflicts.

After spending some hours with them in meditation and singing, they told us about their living conditions and asked us for help, which we gave them. At the end of the afternoon we departed from each other with deep glances of insight and thankfulness and with mutual recognition.

The last day in Australia we invited some indigenous and other Australian people to our Peace Dinner. Also, in this conversation we talked about peace and mutual trust. According to the Light Awareness Philosophy peace is a value which is absolutely, eternal and valid for everybody.
Due to the fact, that peace is primarily at home in everybody, it can be expressed and expanded of every single person anytime and anywhere. On this evening we could pass on this message to the consciousness of our guests through several mediations and speeches. One of the most touching sentences of a guest that evening about us was: "I wish that all people were like you".
The founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy David Wared honored the Aboriginal people with the following words: “You are the road to paradise. You are the gate to heaven.”
We finished this evening with a minute of peace and completely thankful.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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