On the motorcycle: Meditation for peace, unity and love this time in a different manner…in Colombia/ April 22nd 2018

Who is saying that you can meditate only cross-legged? Our meditation partially took place on the motorcycle. On the way there we meditated on the motorcycle for peace. 13 motorcycles one behind the other…  At a turning we are stopped by another motorcyclist. He wants to know who we are, where and when he can take part in a meditation. We exchange addresses. Some days later there will be a common meditation on the beach to which this young man invited some interested people.

At our today’s destination, a place on the beach where a river flows into the sea, we make – standing in the water – a unity meditation. Here the river and the sea come together – the little merges in the great. Standing in the water we grasp and perceive the different qualities of water. Energy of unity flows through us into Mother Earth.

The way back on the motorcycles is dedicated to a love meditation. Happy and inspired by these wonderful meditation experiences we wet and tousled arrive at our Finca. A quick shower, dry clothes, a warm meal. We may begin the next meditation.

Beate Knopp

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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